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Teacher / Project coordinator

Lectures, home assignment and project assignment coordinator

Second cycle

KF2180 Biopolymers, 7.5 hp

KTH, Sweden


Teacher / Supervisor

Lectures and project assignment

Second cycle

KE2351 Risk analysis and management for chemical engineers, 7.5 hp

KTH, Sweden



Supervision and examination of 

LAB1: Project laboratory work, 3.0 hp

Second cycle

KF2180 Biopolymers, 7.5 hp

KTH, Sweden

2021 / 2020

Teaching assistant

Supervision and examination of LAB1: Laboratory work in Introductory and engineering chemistry 1.5 hp

First cycle

KD1020 Introductory chemistry, 6 hp

KE1140 Engineering chemistry, 14 hp

KTH, Sweden


Schimpf U.: Enzymes for the fiber degradation in food and energy plants. Seminar for Bulgarian exchange students. IASP, Germany

2008 / 2006

Schimpf U.: Utilization of by-products from food industry for the generation of biogas. Seminar for Bulgarian exchange students. IASP, Germany


Schimpf U.: Lignocellulosic enzyme potential for a more effective methane production by the utilization of fiber rich substrates in the biogas process. Bilateral workshop UNISUL - HU/LGF/IASP: Analysis and evaluation of biomass potentials in urban and peri-urban regions for sustainable food and energy supply. Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina (UNISUL). Florianopolis, Brazil (invited)


Schimpf U.: Enzymatic degradation of lignocellulose during ensiling of rye and maize to increase the methane yield in biogas production processes. In: V Conferencia Internacional de Energía Renovable, Ahorro de Energía y Educación Energética, Programa Resúmenes. V International Conference for Renewable Energy, Energy Saving and Energy Education (CIER). Havanna, Cuba, p. 138-139, ISBN 978‑959‑282‑051‑7

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